About Us

History of Woodville Mutual

Woodville Mutual originated as the German Farmers Mutual Protective Association in 1859. The German Farmers Mutual Protective Cyclone Association was incorporated in Woodville in 1909. The two associations were consolidated as Woodville Mutual in 1960. Today, Woodville Mutual has grown to a property insurance company with over 4,200 policyholders and over $1,000,000,000 at risk.

Combination with Wayne Mutual

Woodville Mutual and Wayne Mutual have created combination Farmowners and Homeowners Policies which are marketed through Woodville Mutual. This insurance contract separates the property and liability sections of the combination policy between Woodville and Wayne respectfully.

Woodville Mutual markets these programs through in-house and independent insurance agents. Today, Woodville is represented by several independent agencies representing over 1/2 of our insurance in force and producing the majority of our new business production.